Mackenzie Ziegler Wants You to Be Unapologetically Positive

Over the phone, Mackenzie Ziegleris immediately charming, upbeat, and self-aware as she talks at lengths about how much she loves making crafts, hanging out with her sister Maddie, and acting with some of her best friends on, Total Eclipse, a show she also executive produces. She so casually talks about juggling countless different projects that it’s easy to forget she’s only 13 years old. The former Dance Momsstar is not only acting in a new show, but has also written a book which comes out May 8th, and is working on singing and writing original music.

Her show for teen-focused digital studio Brat captures the minutiae of high school life — the class projects, struggles for popularity, and ubiquity of social media — through the dreamy, otherworldly perspective of Cassie, a teenage girl played by Mackenzie. The series shows how it is equally exhausting and rewarding to build and maintain friendships, and how sometimes you need to create fantasy worlds to escape the anxieties of daily life.

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