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In conversation with the Dance Moms alumni on the eve of her debut album.

Back in 2011, a TV show aired in the US that left the entire world shocked. Premiering on Lifetime, 13-episode series featured one-hour episodes of hysterical crying, bellowing screams and physical altercations under the title Dance Moms. It was an all-American, unexpected look at the world of youth dance competitions, and the relationship between the competitor’s moms and the controversial choreographer / studio owner, Abby Lee Miller.

Fast-forward to now and the series is about to start it’s 8th season, with many of the original stars established as household names. However, no one has perhaps obtained quite as much prestige as the Ziegler sisters. Easily the most talented dancers on the show (and often the envy of their peers and the moms alike), siblings Maddie and Mackenzie have established themselves as worthy breakout stars. While the eldest of the two, Maddie, has appeared in string of music videos for the likes of Sia and Todrick Hall, younger sister Mackenzie is coming into her own with the launch of her own make-up range, a book, an appearance on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors and the impending release of her hotly anticipated debut album, Phases.

“I’m definitely very thankful for the show,” Mackenzie announced when we link up via phone from LA. “It has brought me to where I am now. I mean, of course I’m trying to start my own name other than ‘the dancer’. I want to be the dancer, the singer, the actor.”

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